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Meet Santa + Angie

Santa Mansa is named after Mansa Musa I of Mali -  one of the richest African Kings who lived during the 13th century.  He is known for taking a 1324 pilgrimage to Mecca.  During the journey he gave out gold to the poor, charitable organizations and to those in need.  In Egypt, he gave out so much gold that the value of gold decreased and did not recover for ten years.  

Santa Mansa founded Black Christmas - a startup that delivers consciousness to Black people across the nation.  His goal is to deliver knowledge and equal access to all Black people, and fulfill America's promise to his ancestor - 40 acres and a mule.


Angie "Elf" is named after Angela Davis -  American activist, academic scholar, and freedom fighter.  She was involved in the Civil Rights Movement and Black Panther Party.  Unapologetic in her Blackness, she is the epitome of a proud, Black woman. 

Angie Elf co-leads the movement to deliver the gift of consciousness to Black people.  She delivers magic to Black girls, and ensures every Black boy has a keeper.  The Chief of Staff over Mansa Enterprises, Garvey (head of the panther herd which pulls Mansa's sleigh), she ensures their tribe operates in Black excellence at all times.